What is coin2card?
Coin2card is a platform for instantaneous withdrawal of Bitcoin and Ethereum into EUR, USD and RUR onto any bank card. No hidden fees.
Why should I trust coin2card?
Our company conducts business in strict accordance with EU legislation, and has already passed EU compliance inspection AML/KYC is a verified user of payment services, executing transactions with VISA/MasterCard.
More than 20 000 users regularly conduct transactions on our platform.
All transactions are carried out through a secure processing and using sophisticated encryption methods.
Platform channels are encrypted using an SSL protocol.
Do I need to provide my identity?
Identification will allow you to increase your cryptocurrencies withdrawal volume limits.
Is it secure to provide you with my bank card details?
We do not store your bank card information.
Once you create a transaction order via a secure channel, the information is transferred to the payment system which carries out the direct payment and has a PCI DSS level 1 certificate.
What is the purpose of transferring cryptocurrencies to a card?
You will receive an Original Credit Transfer payment, which is designated as a Funds Disbursement.
In which jurisdictions can I transfer cryptocurrencies to a card using your platform?
Our service allows you to withdraw and transfer Bitcoin and Ethereum to VISA/MasterCard cards issued by EU and CIS banks.
Which currency will I get my money in?
You will receive money in the currency you specify while creating the order. If the currency of your bank account differs from the one indicated on the order, your bank will convert funds into this currency using their internal exchange rates, additional commission fees may apply.
Be careful when placing your order to avoid any misunderstanding by specifying the currency that corresponds to the currency of your bank account.
What is the limit for outbound withdrawals of cryptocurrency to a card?
When you first register, you will be allotted lower limits: $250 maximum for a single payment and $10 000 each month.
To increase your limits, you must provide identification by uploading a scan of your passport /ID. After identification, the for a single payment is $10 000 and unlimited monthly.
What is the commission fee for using your service?
Our platform earns money on currency exchanges according to the market. The rate is fixed at the time you place an order and is final. There are no additional commission fees.
When and how is the exchange rate between cryptocurrency and fiat set?
The exchange rate is fixed for 20 minutes after you create an order.
What happens if cryptocurrency is not sent to my blockchain-address?
If the platform has not received the cryptocurrency within 20 minutes after the exchange rate is fixed, the fixed rate expires, and the cryptocurrency from the transfer order are set at a rate corresponding to the actual time they are received by our platform.
How many confirmations within the blockchain-network are needed for a transfer to go through?
One confirmation is enough to use our service.
How do I receive my money?
Money is typically credited to the card within 1-2 minutes after one confirmation is received.
Why has my transaction been in process for so long?
A transaction usually takes 5-20 minutes to execute, including the time until the first confirmation is received from the network. If your transaction takes longer, this could be due to several different factors. Here are the most common ones:
  • The blockchain platform is overloaded. Unfortunately, this is outside the control of our platform.
  • You specified a small commission to conduct a transaction on the network.
  • DDoS An attack has occurred. This is not insured by any platform.
The platform says that the transaction has been processed, but I have not received money on my card. What is going on?
This means that we received cryptocurrency from you and send a payment to your card, but the payment has not yet been credited.
This is usually due to the fact that the issuing bank is still verifying the incoming payment. In some cases, this may take up to 3 days.
Can I cancel an order
Transactions on blockchain networks are irreversible. If funds are sent, the transaction cannot be cancelled. Consequently, if you are planning on withdrawing and transferring cryptocurrency, check the address where you are sending the funds several times.